Review on matrimonial information systems and services: an Indian perspective

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Research Article

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International Research Journal of Library, Information and Archival Studies


Marriage information has always been an integral part of the knowledge base in any civilized society. Usually, some agencies and other de-institutionalized sources become operative in producing and transferring a great variety of matrimonial information. In recent times, online matrimony portals have accelerated the opportunities of providing newer matrimony services for sharing matrimonial information more comfortably and selectively, though often criticized in terms of the adequacy and authenticity of such information. This paper aims to present a brief account of marriage information systems and services with reference to India, thus providing glimpses of popular matrimony sites that emerged in the last two decades. It evaluates the usefulness and web metrics as well as the popularity of broad-spectrum matrimony portals; those have become accessible to diverse Indian communities and beyond geographical boundaries. It emphasizes proper coordination and standardization among the service portals toward developing a comprehensive information system for potential marriage-information seekers at national, regional, and local levels. New policy initiatives and technological capabilities might provide a more effective platform to reveal a new matrimony space in India.

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