Resolving the confusion over metadata-creation in digital archives

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Research Article

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Annals of Library and Information Studies


Metadata is a growing concern in every sphere of information management, especially for libraries worldwide. Indeed the Internet has rigorously prompted the revitalization of metadata with a more sustainable framework to obtain the efficient discovery of resources for reuse. This paper aims to present a bird’s-eye view of metadata creation, thus providing glimpses of diverse opinions in producing structured metadata consistently across digital repositories. It recognizes the obvious inquiries viz. how to create metadata; whether it can be created manually (using human-intellectual efforts) or by automatic means; who is responsible for creating it; are they resource-authors or metadata-professionals; who can produce better quality metadata. Discussion brings out a few paradoxical views on the process of metadata creation and responsibilities by the concerned players. The paper dwells on a variety of practices having their own merits and arguments and draws attention to the responsibility of metadata creation, a fuzzy area. The paper argues that the best results could be achieved by integrating both automatic and manual efforts. Finally, better possible ways of metadata creation are suggested.

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