Administering a cryptology centre by means of scientometric indicators

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Research Article

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COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management


Cryptology is basically the science of secret messages that underlies cryptography and more glamorous cryptanalysis; refers to the numerous ways of hiding or breaking information in storage and transit, thus enabling users to transmit information securely over the insecure channel. This paper quantitatively analyzes the scholarly publications of cryptology research over a decade-long period from 2001 to 2010. It provides an insight into the cognitive structure and scientific behavior of cryptology research; thus suggesting an innovative way of connecting various aspects for governing and administering a cryptology center. The study examines the growth trend of publications, the extent of collaboration, and focused areas of research based on scientometric techniques and related indices. The productive authors, potential-collaborators, pre-dominant institutions, prolific-countries, and prevalent topics of cryptology research have been identified using the fractional counting method. Critical analyses have also been made to determine the activity index (performance indicator), collaboration index, degree-of-collaboration, and collaboration density. Empirical validation of Lotka's law is tested and the value of α (productivity parameter) is carried out. It also demonstrates highly cited materials and identifies the core journals to be earmarked for a library collection of a cryptology research centre. Therefore, the study reveals a lot of useful information to develop strategies for enabling better administration in this emerging field of research.

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