Organizing models of library consortia: forming sustainable participation among potential partners in India

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Research Article

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Annals of Library and Information Studies


Libraries are constantly grappling with the ever-escalating cost of scholarly resources. Price escalation in e-resource subscriptions coupled with budgetary constraints has a serious impact on libraries across the globe. This paper critically examines the prevalent situations that have been leading to resource sharing; primarily emanating from library cooperatives, interlibrary loans, and buying clubs; subsequently changed to utility services, site licensing, and ultimately the Consortium – an emerging toolkit for libraries to survive. The strategic alliances among libraries and the growth of library consortia have been discussed. The implications of different consortia models to the Indian libraries are explained; which suggests for a sustainable consortia organization among potential partners. The paper also attempts to provide an insight into how consortia strategies can overcome an unending fiscal constraint and to sustain the buying power in collection development for better access to greater resources.

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