Entanglement induced by noncommutativity: anisotropic harmonic oscillator in noncommutative space

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Research Article

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European Physical Journal Plus


Quantum entanglement, induced by spatial noncommutativity, is investigated for an anisotropic harmonic oscillator. Exact solutions for the system are obtained after the model is re-expressed in terms of canonical variables, by performing a particular Bopp’s shift to the noncommutating degrees of freedom. Employing Simon’s separability criterion, we find that the states of the system are entangled provided a unique function of the (mass and frequency) parameters obeys an inequality. Entanglement of Formation for this system is also computed and its relation to the degree of anisotropy is discussed. It is worth mentioning that, even in a noncommutative space, entanglement is generated only if the harmonic oscillator is anisotropic. Interestingly, the Entanglement of Formation saturates for higher values of the deformation parameter θ, that quantifies spatial noncommutativity.



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Open Access, Green

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