A novel intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations for multiobjective goal programming problems

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Research Article

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Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems


This paper investigates novel intuitionistic fuzzy preferences relations to determine the imprecise linguistic terms with fuzzy goals. The proposed intuitionistic fuzzy goal programming (IFGP) considers the degree of vagueness and hesitations simultaneously. Different sorts of membership functions such as linear, exponential, parabolic, and hyperbolic have been introduced to depict the linguistic importance term. The overall satisfaction level is achieved by maximizing the convex combination of each fuzzy goals and the preference relations simultaneously. To verify and validate the proposed IFGP model, a numerical example is presented with the comparative study. Further, it is also applied to a banking financial statement management system problem. The proposed IFGP approach outperforms over others. At last, the conclusion and future research direction are suggested based on the performed study.

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