On the estimation of population size under dependent dual-record system: an adjusted profile-likelihood approach

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Research Article

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Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation


Motivated by various applications in epidemiology, population studies, criminology, etc., the problem of estimating size of a homogeneous human population based on two-sample capture–recapture experiment is considered in this article. The Lincoln–Petersen estimate, assuming independence between the samples, is widely used though often its relevance is unanimously criticized. Time and behavioural response variation model (denoted by (Formula presented.)) is the most suitable here. Effect of model mis-specification on the Lincoln–Petersen estimate is studied in terms of efficiency and robustness. We study the accuracy and efficiency of this estimator under existence of dependence between the samples. This article shows that profile-likelihood and its existing modifications fail to make inference from the model (Formula presented.). Therefore, an adjustment over profile likelihood is newly proposed and evaluated through an extensive simulation study. Finally, two real data sets with different characteristics are analyzed as practical illustrations of the proposed method.

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