Spin selective electron transmission through a layered structure subjected to light irradiation: Efficient engineering

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This work deals with engineering spin selective electron transmission through a layered structure where a ferromagnetic (FM) system is clamped between two non-magnetic (NM) regions. The site energies of NM layers are modulated in the well-known Aubry-Andre-Harper (AAH) form, and the FM layer is subjected to a light irradiation. The interplay between the cosine modulation and light irradiation brings several interesting features in spin-dependent transport which we investigate in detail within a tight-binding (TB) prescription following the Green's function formalism. The effect of irradiation is included within a minimal coupling scheme based on the Floquet ansatz. High degree of spin polarization together with its phase reversal can be obtained at multiple energy regions. The proposed prescription can be utilized to design efficient spintronic devices, and can be generalized to other similar kinds of fascinating systems. ©



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