Computation of spatial skyline points

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Research Article

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Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications


The database skyline query (or non-domination query) has a spatial form: Given a set P with n point sites, and a point set S of m locations of interest, a site p∈P is a skyline point if and only if for each q∈P∖{p}, there exists at least one location s∈S that is closer to p than to q. We reduce the problem of determining skyline points to the problem of finding sites that have non-empty cells in an additively weighted Voronoi diagram under a convex distance function. The weights of said Voronoi diagram are derived from the coordinates of the sites of P, while the convex distance function is derived from the set of locations S. In the two-dimensional plane, this reduction gives an O((n+m)log⁡(n+m))-time algorithm to find the skyline points.



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