Prediction of Visibility under Radiation Fog by DNA Computing

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Research Article

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New Mathematics and Natural Computation


In this paper, we propose a wet lab algorithm for prediction of visibility under radiation fog by DNA computing. The model is based on a concept of similarity based fuzzy reasoning suitable for wet lab implementation. The concept of similarity based fuzzy reasoning using DNA sequences is different from conventional approach to fuzzy reasoning. It replaces the logical aspect of classical fuzzy reasoning by DNA chemistry. By the proposed algorithm the tedious job to choose suitable implication operator, which is absolutely necessary for classical fuzzy reasoning, can be avoided. If the fuzzified forms of five observed parameters, i.e. dew point, dew point spread, the rate of change of dew point spread per day, wind speed and sky condition are given, the newly proposed algorithm efficiently predicts the possibility of visibility under radiation fog. The final result of the wet lab algorithm, which is in form of fuzzy DNA, produces multi valued status which can be linguistically interpreted to match the perception of an expert.

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