Implications of microRNA variant markers in agriculture - Paradigm and perspectives

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Plant Gene


MicroRNAs are the short, noncoding, regulatory molecules, effective variation on which may lead to anomalous gene manifestation on its target downstream pathway. Variants related to miRNA genes can affect the miRNA transcription, maturation, or target specificity, consequently hindering their functionality in the development or stress responses of plants. Both sequence and length variations in mature miRNA and its precursor can be responsible for conferring the functional alteration. miRNA based SSR is the newly incorporated type of functional marker and is being applied to plant breeding in recent years. Changes in the number of repeat motifs within the miRNA precursors are supposed to play important role in miRNA biogenesis by persuading alternative splicing and thereby linked to phenotypic diversity. Collectively, miRNA sequence polymorphisms may serve as the potential, reproducible biomarkers associated with important agronomic traits thus would assist in future breeding programs. In this context, the present review epitomizes the miRNA variant based markers and their significance in crop science from a functional standpoint.



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