Selective spin transmission through a driven quantum system: A new prescription

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Research Article

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Journal of Applied Physics


Several proposals are available to get selective spin transmission through different nano-junctions and in all the cases the regulation is done either by applying a magnetic field or by tuning spin-orbit (SO) coupling. In the present work, we explore a separate scheme where the spin-dependent transport is regulated externally by irradiating a quantum ring that bridges the contact electrodes. This is a new proposal of generating spin selective transmission through a nano-junction, to the best of our knowledge. A high degree of spin polarization along with its phase alteration can be achieved by suitably adjusting the irradiation, circumventing the regulation of magnetic field and/or SO coupling. The effect of irradiation is included through the well-known Floquet-Bloch ansatz, where all the spin-dependent transport phenomena are worked out using Green's function formalism following the Landauer-Büttiker prescription within a tight-binding framework. Precise dependencies of light irradiation, SO coupling, magnetic flux threaded by the ring, interface sensitivity, system temperature, and impurities on spin polarization are critically investigated. Our analysis may give a new platform for spin selective electron transmission and make it applicable to other complex nano-structured materials also. We strongly believe that the present proposal can be examined in a suitable laboratory.



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