Dispersion of Reactive Species in Casson Fluid Flow

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Research Article

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Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics


The study investigates the effect of wall reaction on the species transport in a pulsatile flow of Casson fluid through an annulus. The transport process is analyzed by means of the dispersion coefficient, which uses the technique of the method of moments. The equations of momentum along with the statistical moments are solved numerically using a finite difference implicit scheme. The distributions of mean and cross-sectional concentration are studied using the Hermite polynomial representation of central moments. The objective of this study is to focus on the nature of the dispersion coefficient due to the finite yield stress, amplitude of fluctuating pressure component, Womersley frequency parameter, radius ratio, and irreversible reaction rate. In contrast to previous other studies exist in the literature of solute dispersion in a non-Newtonian fluid, the present study discusses the cross-sectional concentration distribution of solute through an annulus. The study helps to enhance the understanding of all time behavior of dispersion phenomena under the proposed geometry, which may have applications to blood flow through the catheterized artery.

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