A new prescription to achieve a high degree of spin polarization in a spin-orbit coupled quantum ring: Efficient engineering by irradiation

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Research Article

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


The present work discusses the possibility to achieve a high degree of spin polarization in a three-terminal quantum system. Irradiating the system, subjected to Rashba spin-orbit (SO) interaction, we find high degree of spin polarization under a suitable input condition along with different magnitudes and phases at the two output leads. The system is described within a tight-binding (TB) framework and the effect of irradiation is incorporated following the Floquet-Bloch (FB) ansatz. All the spin-dependent transmission probabilities are evaluated through Green's function technique using Landauer-Büttiker formalism. Several possible aspects are included to make the system more realistic and examined rigorously in the present work. To name a few, the effects of irradiation, SO interaction, interface sensitivity, system size, system temperature are investigated, and finally, the role of correlated impurities are studied. Despite having numerous proposals available to generate and manipulate spin-selective transmissions, such a prescription exploiting the irradiation effect is relatively new to the best of our concern.



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