A test-suite of non-convex constrained optimization problems from the real-world and some baseline results

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Research Article

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Swarm and Evolutionary Computation


Real-world optimization problems have been comparatively difficult to solve due to the complex nature of the objective function with a substantial number of constraints. To deal with such problems, several metaheuristics as well as constraint handling approaches have been suggested. To validate the effectiveness and strength, performance of a newly designed approach should be benchmarked by using some complex real-world problems, instead of only the toy problems with synthetic objective functions, mostly arising from the area of numerical analysis. A list of standard real-life problems appears to be the need of the time for benchmarking new algorithms in an efficient and unbiased manner. In this study, a set of 57 real-world Constrained Optimization Problems (COPs) are described and presented as a benchmark suite to validate the COPs. These problems are shown to capture a wide range of difficulties and challenges that arise from the real life optimization scenarios. Three state-of-the-art constrained optimization methods are exhaustively tested on these problems to analyze their hardness. The experimental outcomes reveal that the selected problems are indeed challenging to these algorithms, which have been shown to solve many synthetic benchmark problems easily.



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