Coexistence of interdependence and competition in adaptive multilayer network

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Research Article

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Chaos, Solitons and Fractals


In dynamical networks, the presence of adaptation establishing the relationship between the coherence of local populations and unit's effective coupling provides the explosive transition — an abrupt transition from incoherence to coherence and vice versa through the hysteresis loop. Explosive transition is even possible under the coexistence of two opposite types of adaptation – interdependence and competition, wherein growing the competitive population dramatically narrows the area of hysteresis. Here, we demonstrate that considering a mixed adaptive model from a multilayer perspective expands the hysteresis region and shifts both forward and backward transition boundaries to the higher values of coupling strength as compared with a monolayer case. We show that this is due to greater robustness of the multilayer network against the intralayer topology and lower sensitivity to the amplification of the pre-bifurcation noise, i.e., spurious fluctuations of local coherence, in the vicinity of a tipping point as opposed to a single-layer network.



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