Accelerated magnetosonic lump wave solutions by orbiting charged space debris

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Research Article

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Nonlinear Dynamics


The excitations of nonlinear magnetosonic lump waves induced by orbiting charged space debris particles in the Low Earth Orbital (LEO) plasma region are investigated in the presence of the ambient magnetic field. These nonlinear waves are found to be governed by the forced Kadomtsev–Petviashvili-type model equation, where the forcing term signifies the source current generated by different possible motions of charged space debris particles in the LEO plasma region. Different analytic lump wave solutions that are stable for both slow and fast magnetosonic waves in the presence of charged space debris objects are found for the first time. The dynamics of exact pinned accelerated magnetosonic lump waves is explored in detail. Approximate magnetosonic lump wave solutions with time-dependent amplitudes and velocities are analysed through perturbation methods for different types of localized space debris functions, yielding approximate pinned accelerated magnetosonic lump wave solutions. These new results may pave new directions in this field of research.

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Open Access, Green

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