Bending of pinned dust-ion acoustic solitary waves in presence of charged space debris

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Research Article

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Physical Review E


We consider a low temperature plasma environment in the low Earth orbital region in the presence of charged space debris particles. The dynamics of (2+1)-dimensional nonlinear dust-ion acoustic waves with weak transverse perturbation, generated in the system, is found to be governed by a forced Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation, where the forcing term depends on charged space debris function. The bending phenomena of some exact dust-ion acoustic solitary wave solutions in the x-t and x-y planes are shown; they result from the consideration of different types of possible localized debris functions. A family of exact pinned accelerated solitary wave solutions has been obtained where the velocity changes over time but the amplitude remains constant. The shape of the debris function also changes during its propagation. Also, a special exact solitary wave solution has been derived for the dust-ion acoustic wave that gets curved in spatial dimensions with the curvature depending upon the nature of the forcing debris function. Such intricate solitary wave solutions may be useful in modeling real experimental data.



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