Chiral magnetic effect in lattice models of tilted multi-Weyl semimetals

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Research Article

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Physical Review B


We study the chiral magnetic effect (CME) in tilted multi-Weyl semimetals (mWSMs) employing a two-band lattice model. We focus on the type-II phase of mWSMs, introduced by incorporating a Lorentz symmetry violating tilt term. Our work adds to the current understanding of the CME (and also the anomalous Hall effect) in the type-II phase of mWSMs and near the Lifshitz transition by varying tilt. Like the elementary Weyl semimetal case, our results also indicate that the Berry curvature drives the CME for higher monopole charges. We find a peak in the CME at the transition point and discuss its significance using the density of states. Along the way we also examine both observables as a function of the energy separation of the Weyl points.



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Open Access, Green

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