Deep learning in multi-object detection and tracking: state of the art

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Research Article

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Applied Intelligence


Object detection and tracking is one of the most important and challenging branches in computer vision, and have been widely applied in various fields, such as health-care monitoring, autonomous driving, anomaly detection, and so on. With the rapid development of deep learning (DL) networks and GPU’s computing power, the performance of object detectors and trackers has been greatly improved. To understand the main development status of object detection and tracking pipeline thoroughly, in this survey, we have critically analyzed the existing DL network-based methods of object detection and tracking and described various benchmark datasets. This includes the recent development in granulated DL models. Primarily, we have provided a comprehensive overview of a variety of both generic object detection and specific object detection models. We have enlisted various comparative results for obtaining the best detector, tracker, and their combination. Moreover, we have listed the traditional and new applications of object detection and tracking showing its developmental trends. Finally, challenging issues, including the relevance of granular computing, in the said domain are elaborated as a future scope of research, together with some concerns. An extensive bibliography is also provided.

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