A microscopic study on scattering in tissue section of Alternanthera philoxeroides under polarized light

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Research Article

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Journal of Biosciences


Like any other biological tissue, plant tissue also exhibits optical properties like refraction, transmission, absorption, coloration, scattering and so on. Several studies have been conducted using different parts of plants such as leaves, seedlings, roots, stems and so on, and their optical properties have been analyzed to study plant physiology, influence of environmental cues on plant metabolism, light propagation through plant parts and the like. Thus, it is essential to study in detail the optical properties of several plant parts to determine their structural relationship. In this backdrop, an experimental study was conducted to observe and analyze the optical properties of node and inter-nodal tissue cross-sections of the plant Alternanthera philoxeroides under a polarizing microscope constructed and standardized in the laboratory. The observed optical properties of the microscopic tissue sections have been then studied to determine a significant structural relationship between nodal and inter-nodal tissue arrangement patterns as a whole. Tissue sections that have undergone a sort of biological perturbation like loss of water (dried in air for 15 min) have also been studied to study the change in the pattern of tissue optical property when compared with that of normal plant-tissue cross-sections under a polarizing microscope. This type of biological perturbation was chosen for the study because water plays an important role in maintenance of the normal physiological processes in plants and most other forms of life.



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