A New Method for Detecting Altered Text in Document Images

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Research Article

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International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence


As more and more office documents are captured, stored, and shared in digital format, and as image editing software are becoming increasingly more powerful, there is a growing concern about document authenticity. To prevent illicit activities, this paper presents a new method for detecting altered text in document images. The proposed method explores the relationship between positive and negative coefficients of DCT to extract the effect of distortions caused by tampering by fusing reconstructed images of respective positive and negative coefficients, which results in Positive-Negative DCT coefficients Fusion (PNDF). To take advantage of spatial information, we propose to fuse R, G, and B color channels of input images, which results in RGBF (RGB Fusion). Next, the same fusion operation is used for fusing PNDF and RGBF, which results in a fused image for the original input one. We compute a histogram to extract features from the fused image, which results in a feature vector. The feature vector is then fed to a deep neural network for classifying altered text images. The proposed method is tested on our own dataset and the standard datasets from the ICPR 2018 Fraud Contest, Altered Handwriting (AH), and faked IMEI number images. The results show that the proposed method is effective and the proposed method outperforms the existing methods irrespective of image type.



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