Radiation of waves by a submerged nearly circular rough plate in ice-covered ocean

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Studies in Applied Mathematics


A rough nearly circular (and/or circular) plate submerged in some ice-covered ocean is undergoing a heaving motion. This radiation problem is reduced to a hypersingular integral equation over the surface of the rough plate. Perturbation method further simplifies the governing equation to get a system of hypersingular integral equations. The geometry of nearly circular plate has been conformally mapped onto a unit disc and the modified equations have been solved by a spectral method proved to be efficient for the case of a circular disc. Both rough disc and rough nearly circular plate have been considered for the numerical results. The effects of the flexural rigidity of ice cover and submergence depth of the plate on added mass and damping coefficient have been investigated along with the effect of roughness of the plate on these hydrodynamic coefficients.

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