Effects of bulk degradation and boundary absorption on dispersion of contaminant in wetland flow

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Research Article

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International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer


The paper presents transport phenomena of solute in a shallow wetland channel considering the effects of the bulk degradation and boundary absorption at both the channel banks. A piece-wise uniform mesh on the finite difference implicit scheme is adopted to investigate the present problem. The current solution has achieved an excellent agreement with the existing experimental and numerical results. It is seen that the transport of contaminant in the width dominated wetland stream is influenced by various parameters such as boundary absorption, bulk degradation, vegetation parameter, tortuosity and dispersion time. The significant effects of the bulk degradation and boundary reactions are observed on the contaminant emission. The work measures the dispersion of contaminant in both longitudinal and transverse directions. Also, the transversal and longitudinal mean concentration distributions are shown in the shallow wetland flow. The results of this study may be used to control the water degradation, flood mitigation and coastal protection.



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