Non-existence of genuine (compact) quantum symmetries of compact, connected smooth manifolds

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Research Article

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Advances in Mathematics


Suppose that a compact quantum group Q acts faithfully on a smooth, compact, connected manifold M, i.e. has a C⁎ (co)-action α on C(M), such that α(C∞(M))⊆C∞(M,Q) and the linear span of α(C∞(M))(1⊗Q) is dense in C∞(M,Q) with respect to the Fréchet topology. It was conjectured by the author quite a few years ago that Q must be commutative as a C⁎ algebra i.e. Q≅C(G) for some compact group G acting smoothly on M. The goal of this paper is to prove the truth of this conjecture. A remarkable aspect of the proof is the use of probabilistic techniques involving Brownian stopping time.



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Open Access, Green

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