Improved and practical proposal for measurement device independent quantum dialogue

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Research Article

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Quantum Information Processing


Quantum dialogue (QD) refers to secure full-duplex quantum communication which was first proposed by Nguyen in 2004. Later on, Tan and Cai (Int J Quant Inf, 2008) pointed the vulnerabilities of Nguyen’s proposal. To enhance the overall security, Maitra (Quant Inf Process, 2017) recently proposed a measurement device independent (MDI) scheme in this direction. In this current initiative, we propose a reference frame independent measurement device independent quantum dialogue (RFI-MDI QD) scheme to obtain the advantages of both practicality and security. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first initiative to combine the ideas of reference frame independence and measurement device independence in the QD regime. Towards approaching this proposal, we analyse the existing dialogue schemes and show that the claim of Tan and Cai regarding Nguyen’s proposal (Phys Lett A, 2004) has to be revisited to remove certain inaccuracies. We also identify some limitations in Maitra’s MDI-QD proposal and suggest suitable modifications. We evaluate the performance of all our proposed schemes by providing formal security proofs and also discuss the relative advantages of our proposals over the conventional message transfer procedures.



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