Quantum cycle in relativistic non-commutative space with generalized uncertainty principle correction

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Research Article

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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications


Quantum heat cycles and quantum refrigerators are analyzed using various quantum systems as their working mediums. For example, to evaluate the efficiency and the work done of the Carnot cycle in the quantum regime, one can consider the harmonic oscillator as a working medium. For all these well-defined working substances (which are analyzed in commutative space structure), the efficiency of the engine is not up to the mark of the Carnot efficiency. So, one inevitable question arise, can one observe a catalytic effect on the efficiency of the engines and refrigerators when the space structure is changed? In this paper, two different working substances in non-commutative spacetime with relativistic and generalized uncertainty principle corrections have been considered for the analysis of the efficiency of the heat engine cycles. The efficiency of the quantum heat engine gets a boost for higher values of the non-commutative parameter with a harmonic oscillator as the working substance. In the case of the second working medium (one-dimensional infinite potential well), the efficiency shows a constant result in the non-commutative space structure.



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Open Access, Green

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