Far-wake flows downstream of cylinders: A novel generalized similarity method

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European Journal of Mechanics, B/Fluids


The nonlinear momentum equation for turbulent far-wake flow downstream of a cylinder is derived from the Reynolds averaged Navier–Stokes equations and solved by iteration and generalized similarity solution. The first-order Oseen-type linearization yields for the wake boundary layer width a series, whose terms vary as x1∕2, x−1∕2, x−3∕2 etc., where x is the streamwise distance from the center of cylinder. The velocity deficit from the free-stream velocity is similarly obtained as a series and the iteration is carried over to a second-order. This method is then applied to the problem of an array of cylinders. Both turbulent and laminar far-wake flow cases are analyzed. The series solutions broadly extend the earlier findings. The first-order solutions agree in form with those stated in the book of Schlichting (1979).

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