Augmentation of dynamical persistence in networks through asymmetric interaction

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There exists several natural instances in which systems may undergo through local degradation of its constituting elements. This may severely affect the overall dynamical activity in unexpected ways. So, it requires to overcome such situations while posing some appropriate mechanisms. In this work we investigate aging networks comprising different groups of dynamical units coupled locally, non-locally or globally. We provide a mechanism that deals with asymmetry in the interaction of active and inactive groups to enhance the dynamical robustness of such aging networks. Apart from numerical experiments, we provide analytical treatment to identify the critical phase transition. Mathematical results are found to perfectly match the outcomes obtained through numerical experiments. Moreover, we provide evidence of the enriched network survivability in more complex topologies considering small-world and scale-free networks. Our proposed method to enhance the dynamical robustness is thus independent of coupling topology and quite efficient in aging networks of coupled oscillators.



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