A novel microRNA boosts hyper-β-oxidation of fatty acids in liver by impeding CEP350-mediated sequestration of PPARα and thus restricts chronic hepatitis C

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RNA Biology


Imbalance in lipid metabolism induces steatosis in liver during Chronic hepatitis C (CHC). Contribution of microRNAs in regulating lipid homoeostasis and liver disease progression is well established using small RNA-transcriptome data. Owing to the complexity in the development of liver diseases, the existence and functional importance of yet undiscovered regulatory miRNAs in disease pathogenesis was explored in this study using the unmapped sequences of the transcriptome data of HCV-HCC liver tissues following miRDeep2.pl pipeline. MicroRNA-c12 derived from the first intron of LGR5 of chromosome 12 was identified as one of the miRNA like sequences retrieved in this analysis that showed human specific origin. Northern blot hybridization has proved its existence in the hepatic cell line. Enrichment of premiR-c12 in dicer-deficient cells and miR-c12 in Ago2-RISC complex clearly suggested that it followed canonical miRNA biogenesis pathway and accomplished its regulatory function. Expression of this miRNA was quite low in CHC tissues than normal liver implying HCV-proteins might be regulating its biogenesis. Promoter scanning and ChIP analysis further revealed that under expression of p53 and hyper-methylation of STAT3 binding site upon HCV infection restricted its expression in CHC tissues. Centrosomal protein 350 (CEP350), which sequestered PPARα, was identified as one of the targets of miR-c12 using Miranda and validated by luciferase assay/western blot analysis. Furthermore, reduced triglyceride accumulation and enhanced PPARα mediated transcription of β-oxidation genes upon restoration of miR-c12 in liver cells suggested its role in lipid catabolism. Thus this study is reporting miR-c12 for the first time and showed its’ protective role during chronic HCV infection.

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