A New Family of OWA Operators Featuring Constant Orness

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Research Article

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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems


Determination of the weights of an ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operator is a vital constituent of the operator's aggregation procedure. Consequently, several weight generation techniques have evolved in the literature. Here, using inverse hypergeometric distribution, we use a novel parametric function to generate the weight vector of an OWA operator. The proposed inverse hypergeometric OWA (InHyp-OWA) operator generates a unique weight vector for every choice of its parameter. Also, using the proposed weight function, OWA weight vectors can be generated without solving any complicated optimization problem. An important property of InHyp-OWA operator is that for a given parameter value, its orness value remains constant, regardless of the number of objectives aggregated. Hence, InHyp-OWA operator is a new member of the family of OWA operators with constant orness. This class of OWA operators can utilize a prejudiced preference to determine the corresponding weight vector. The proposed approach provides a number of advantages over existing weight generating methods for OWA operators. One of the remarkable advantages of the InHyp-OWA operator is the fact that it generates weight vectors with strictly monotonic components. It also generalizes the well-known Borda-Kendall OWA operator.

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