A cannibalistic eco-epidemiological model with disease in predator population

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Research Article

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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing


In this present article, we propose and analyze a cannibalistic predator–prey model with disease in the predator population. We consider two important factors for the dynamics of predator population. The first one is governed through cannibalistic interaction, and the second one is governed through the disease in the predator population via cannibalism. The local stability analysis of the model system around the biologically feasible equilibria are investigated. We perform global dynamics of the model using Lyapunov functions. We analyze and compare the community structure of the system in terms of ecological and disease basic reproduction numbers. The existence of Hopf bifurcation around the interior steady state is investigated. We also derive the sufficient conditions for the permanence and impermanence of the system. The study reveals that the cannibalism acts as a self-regulatory mechanism and controls the disease transmission among the predators by stabilizing the predator–prey oscillations.

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