Advances in analytical modeling of suspended sediment transport

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Research Article

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Journal of Hydro-Environment Research


This state-of-the-art review describes the progress in analytical modeling of suspended sediment transport by turbulent wall shear flow. The mechanics of the suspended sediment transport by turbulent flow represented by various concepts, such as the diffusion concept, the energy concept and the stochastic concept, is appraised. The effects of sediment suspension on velocity distribution, von Kármán constant value and turbulence characteristics are highlighted. As the latest development of the subject, this paper explains the scaling law of suspended sediment concentration within the wall shear layer stemming from the energetics of turbulent eddies. This scaling law elucidates that within the wall shear layer, the suspended sediment concentration obeys a unique scaling law with the vertical distance from the bed. Finally, the modeling challenges are outlined as a future scope of research.

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