A bibliometric analysis of automatic and semi-automatic ontology construction processes

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Research Article

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Annals of Library and Information Studies


Through a bibliometric analysis, the paper reveals the current state and the global research trend in the areas of automatic ontology construction process (AOCP) and semi-automatic ontology construction process (SOCP) during the period of 2000-2016. Scopus, GoogleScholar and Scitepress digital library were used to extract the data for analysis. The study revealed that the majority of the works were published in conference proceedings. China was found to be the most contributing country in this area followed by USA, France, and Spain. The University of Karlsruhe contributed the maximum publications in both AOCP and SOCP whereas Peking University contributed largely to AOCP and Jozef Stefan Institute contributed largely only to SOCP. The majority of the researchers were from computer science background but a significant number of researchers were also from other disciplines including engineering and allied operations, library and information science, management and auxiliary services, making this research area truly interdisciplinary.

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