Automatic seizure detection by modified line length and Mahalanobis distance function

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Research Article

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Biomedical Signal Processing and Control


Automatic seizure detection with high accuracy and in linear time has profound implications on therapeutic intervention mechanisms. In this work taking into account 12 popular seizure detection algorithms we have shown that line length is one feature that is extractable in linear time from EEG signals and capable of automatic seizure onset detection with highest accuracy among linear time extractable features. Also line length is less prone to give false positives. The detection accuracy has been ascertained by ROC curve analysis on Freiburg Seizure Prediction Project data containing intracranial EEG recordings of 87 seizures from 21 patients with sufficient interictal signals. Next, we have modified the classical line length feature extraction algorithm to improve its accuracy without any additional computational burden. Finally, we have applied both classical line length (LL) and modified line length (MLL) on all focal channels and detected seizures on multidimensional focal channel signals by Mahalanobis distance function (MDF). Both detected 73 out of 87 seizures. Area under the ROC curve (AUC), detection delay and false positive for LL and MLL are 0.951, 11.903 s, 0.201/h and 0.954, 11.698 s, 0.198/h respectively. Since LL has already been incorporated into an FDA approved commercially available closed loop intervention system, even this minute improvement may have significant healthcare implications.

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