Asymmetry in initial cluster size favors symmetry in a network of oscillators

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Counterintuitive to the common notion of symmetry breaking, asymmetry favors synchrony in a network of oscillators. Our observations on an ensemble of identical Stuart-Landau systems under a symmetry breaking coupling support our conjecture. As usual, for a complete deterministic and the symmetric choice of initial clusters, a variety of asymptotic states, namely, multicluster oscillation death (1-OD, 3-OD, and m-OD), chimera states, and traveling waves emerge. Alternatively, multiple chimera death (1-CD, 3-CD, and m-CD) and completely synchronous states emerge in the network whenever some randomness is added to the symmetric initial states. However, in both the cases, an increasing asymmetry in the initial cluster size restores symmetry in the network, leading to the most favorable complete synchronization state for a broad range of coupling parameters. We are able to reduce the network model using the mean-field approximation that reproduces the dynamical features of the original network.



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