Electron acoustic waves in a 2-electron, dissipative, quantum magneto plasma

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Research Article

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European Physical Journal Plus


A theoretical study is presented for the oblique propagation of linear and nonlinear electron acoustic waves (EAWs) in a two-electron population, dissipative, quantum magnetoplasma. The linear dispersion relation yields a complex plasma wave frequency ω, denoting a decaying wave, with the amount of damping directly related to the strength of the dissipative force. The small amplitude analysis for the nonlinear structures using the reductive perturbation technique, gives the Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation. The numerical solutions depict a soliton for negligible dissipation and a monotonic shock for relatively large dissipation. For intermediate values, the solutions are damped oscillations. The dispersion of the EAWs gets enhanced with increase in strength of the magnetic field and a higher value of the ratio of hot to cold electron density. The stability analysis is also carried out, and the corresponding phase portraits are plotted to observe the trajectories. Of the two critical points, one is a saddle point, hence always unstable, while the other is a stable focus or a stable node, depending on the relative strengths of the plasma parameters.



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