Learning nuggets, personalized eLearning (PeL) and product training for professionals with niche skills: a case study from India

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Development and Learning in Organizations


Purpose: This paper aims to describe the impact of personalized eLearning (PeL) using small videos and simulations. It sets out the results of a research project carried out across four Indian organizations. Design/methodology/approach: This is an empirical study. The respondents completed product training using small videos and simulations as training content. The courses were assigned to learners using PeL concept. An online survey was conducted to capture feedback on learning content and process, followed by structural equation modeling (SEM) to explain the acceptance. Findings: The research concluded that flexibility and engagement play an important role in competency development using eLearning. It also revealed the positive role of small videos, simulations, and PeL to improve product knowledge. The research findings are consistent with earlier studies. Research limitations/implications: The pilot study was a part of a thesis topic for a doctoral program. The study is limited to four domains, namely, aerospace engineering, biological science, thermodynamics, and nuclear research. More studies are required to generalize results. Data were collected through self-responses and focus group discussion. Hence, the “perception” of respondents has some influence on the overall outcome. Practical implications: The foundation’s result will help learning & development (L&D) professionals and courseware designers to identify important factors for small video and simulation-based learning in an Indian context. The recommendations will help practitioners design effective PeL content for product training. Originality/value: This research increases the knowledge base related to competency development using eLearning for product training in an Indian context.

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