Characterization of the quantumness of unsteerable tripartite correlations

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Research Article

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Annals of Physics


Quantumness for a bipartite unsteerable quantum correlation is operationally characterized by the notion of super-unsteerability. Super-unsteerability refers to the requirement of a larger dimension of the random variable that the steering party has to preshare with the party to be steered in the classical simulation protocol to generate an unsteerable correlation than the local Hilbert space dimension of the quantum states (reproducing the given unsteerable correlation) at the steering party's side. In the present study, this concept of super-unsteerability is generalized by defining the notion of super-bi-unsteerability for tripartite correlations, which is unsteerable across a bipartite cut. Genuine super-bi-unsteerability is defined as the occurrence of super-bi-unsteerability across all possible bipartite cuts. Specific example of genuine super-bi-unsteerability for tripartite correlations has been presented. This study provides a tool to characterize the genuine quantumness of tripartite quantum correlations which are unsteerable across every bipartite cut.

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