A synergy of the sine-cosine algorithm and particle swarm optimizer for improved global optimization and object tracking

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Swarm and Evolutionary Computation


Due to its simplicity and efficiency, a recently proposed optimization algorithm, Sine Cosine Algorithm (SCA), has gained the interest of researchers from various fields for solving optimization problems. However, it is prone to premature convergence at local minima as it lacks internal memory. To overcome this drawback, a novel Hybrid SCA-PSO algorithm for solving optimization problems and object tracking is proposed. The Pbest and Gbest components of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) is added to traditional SCA to guide the search process for potential candidate solutions and PSO is then initialized with Pbest of SCA to exploit the search space further. The proposed algorithm combines the exploitation capability of PSO and exploration capability of SCA to achieve optimal global solutions. The effectiveness of this algorithm is evaluated using 23 classical, CEC 2005 and CEC 2014 benchmark functions. Statistical parameters are employed to observe the efficiency of the Hybrid SCA-PSO qualitatively and results prove that the proposed algorithm is very competitive compared to the state-of-the-art metaheuristic algorithms. The Hybrid SCA-PSO algorithm is applied for object tracking as a real thought-provoking case study. Experimental results show that the Hybrid SCA-PSO-based tracker can robustly track an arbitrary target in various challenging conditions. To reveal the capability of the proposed algorithm, comparative studies of tracking accuracy and speed of the Hybrid SCA-PSO based tracking framework and other trackers, viz., Particle filter, Mean-shift, Particle swarm optimization, Bat algorithm, Sine Cosine Algorithm (SCA) and Hybrid Gravitational Search Algorithm (HGSA) is presented.

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