Shortening the Home Environment Inventory: A Polytomous Item Response Theory approach

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Research Article

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Psychological Studies


Assessing an Indian home presents a great challenge to researchers because of its’ cultural uniqueness, complex family structure, and social practices. Currently, the home environment inventory (HEI) is the most widely applied Indian scale for assessment of home environment of school-going children. However, administration of the scale becomes cumbersome in a testing situation because of its lengthy nature. The present study aimed at shortening the 100-item HEI so as to reduce the respondents’ burden while preserving the quality of information simultaneously. Data were collected from 548 adolescent school students (Mean age = 14 years; SD = 1.24) from Bengali Hindu middle-class families and analyzed using a polytomous item response theory approach. A shortened version of the scale was derived through Principal Component Analysis and compared with the original scale based on the fit measures obtained through confirmatory factor analysis. Further, a preliminary validation of the shortened scale was done by comparing it with the original scale in another adolescent sample (n = 256). Results bear evidence of statistically valid applicability of the shortened version of HEI.

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