Two efficient measurement device independent quantum dialogue protocols

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Research Article

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International Journal of Quantum Information


Quantum dialogue is a process of two-way secure and simultaneous communication using a single channel. Recently, a Measurement Device Independent Quantum Dialogue (MDI-QD) protocol has been proposed [A. Maitra, Measurement device independent quantum dialogue,Quantum Inf. Process. 16(12) (2017) 305]. To make the protocol secure against information leakage, the authors have discarded almost half of the qubits remaining after the error estimation phase. In this paper, we propose two modified versions of the MDI-QD protocol such that the number of discarded qubits is reduced to almost one-fourth of the remaining qubits after the error estimation phase. We use almost half of their discarded qubits along with their used qubits to make our protocol more efficient in qubits count. We show that both of our protocols are secure under the same adversarial model given in MDI-QD protocol.



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Open Access, Green

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