Can a sample having zero net magnetization produce polarized spin current?

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Research Article

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


Antiferromagnetic materials can be the suitable functional elements for designing of future spin based electronic devices, circumventing the use of conventional ferromagnetic materials and spin-orbit coupled systems. In the present work first time we put forward the underlying physical mechanism, to the best of our knowledge, to generate polarized spin current through a magnetic material having zero net magnetization. Our proposal is substantiated by considering a 2D geometry which is composed of several concentric 1D rings where neighboring rings are mutually connected with each other. The misalignment of up and down spin bands, which is the primary requirement to have finite spin polarization, is described analytically and then several aspects of spin polarization are studied numerically. Finally, we discuss experimental realization of the proposed magnetic quantum system. Our analysis can be utilized to any other complicated magnetic geometries, and may open up a new platform for future spintronic applications.



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