A fuzzy optimisation approach for software reliability estimation

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Research Article

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International Journal of Business and Systems Research


Many organisations today utilise information technology to gain competitive advantage. As a result, information technology industry has witnessed extraordinary growth. Many times the software companies compromise on software testing to avoid cost or schedule overrun. This might make the software unreliable. Hence, it is imperative for the software firms to estimate the reliability of the software and ensure that their products are reliable. A wide range of models is available for reliability prediction. But there is not a single model suitable for all software products. Hence, it is necessary to identify the best-suited software reliability model for every software product. Unfortunately, the best fit model identification depends on the performance characteristics used for selecting the model. In this paper, the authors suggest a fuzzy optimisation methodology to choose the best software reliability model based on multiple performance characteristics. Two case studies demonstrating the proposed methodology are also presented in the paper.

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