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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Computer Science


Economics and Planning Unit (EPU-Delhi)


Parikh, Kirit S. (EPU-Delhi; ISI)

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The aim of the study is to evolve optimal pro- duction and linkage plans, to meet and oxogenously specified, spatially distributed time profile of damands from a set of spatially dispersed coking coal bearing geological blocks. The plans are optimal in the sense of minimun discounted present value of the sun of production, washing and transport costa.Pocussing our attention on a geological block consisting of many coal seams, we work with it as if it was operated as one production conplex. Geological depletion in ea ch block is formalised by estimat ing a Block Level Cumulative Cest Function (BLCCF) based on the data on geological perameters of the coal seams. Margånal cost in each block increases with esch tonne of coal extracted fron a block. In general the rate at which marginal cost increases varies across blocks depending on the variation in geological conplexity.Using as inputa the BLOCF and a transportation network, connect ing blocks and steel plants, an overall prograrming nodel is apecified to minimise the discounted present value of production, washing and transportatien cost. The model is solved to obtain time profiles of production and linkages. The importance of integration of production ard transportation costs is examined by performing senaicivity analysis with respect to transport costs, and comparing the results of a partial optimisation exercise with that of a total optimisation exercise. The model solution provides marginal cost functions for prime and medium coking coal and a set of shadow prices at all steel plants.


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