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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Quantitative Economics


Economic Research Unit (ERU-Kolkata)


Bose, Sanjit (ERU-Kolkata; ISI)

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South Kanara is a predominantly rural and agricultural district in the state of Karnataka in South India, given largely to the cultivation of a single subsistence crop (paddy) which accounts for nearly 70 per cent of its gross cropped area. The agricultural technology is Primitive, with little use of 'modern' inputs like chemical fertilisers, HYV seeds etc. There are no large scale or modern industries in the district. The little manufacturing activities that exist are mostly of the primary processing type, carried out in small establishments and households. There is however, rather high incidence of the so-called 'tertiary' activities like trade and banking, and health and education. This is particularly true of the coastal areas of the district on its West, which give the impression of being an 'advanced', 'commercialised' economy. There is also a ghat section on eastern parts of the district having the character of 'cash crop' economy, areca being a major crop in this area. Our study will focus primarily on the wide interior belt or region of the district, which is almost purely a subsistence crop agricultural economy, Needless to say, we have; to pay due attention to the other areas or regions of the district, as well as to the growing of crops other than paddy and to non-agricultural activities. However, all these come into our study not so much on their own as for throwing some light on the character of the 'economy' of the interior or for a balanced overview of the 'economy' of the district as a whole,


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