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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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SQC and OR Unit (Bangalore)


Ramamurthy, K. G. (SQCOR-Bangalore; ISI)

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A square mtrix M whose off dingonal clements are nonpositivo is known as a Z-a trix. 2-n trices and their genernlisations known na L mtricca have been used in interindustry models by Leantief and Gale. Yoro recently 2-un trices tave bcen congiderered in the contexts of aomo operationl resoarch problena auoh aa the minimu ooet maltifaoility inventory eystous and reaouroe allocation.Given a square matrix M of order n and a vector q in 1", the problem of finding nornogn tive solutions in the variables w11s,i= 1,2, ...., n and '8, 1= 1,2, ....., n to the system of equationsw - Mz =q, wΣRn, z(-Rn is known as the linear complenentarity problem. This problem has been shown to be a unified form of mny probleme a rise in mathemtical programing, gane theory, structural engineering and fluid mechanics,In this dissertation we consider the above linear complementority problem with N as a 2-matrix. A problem of fluid mechanics can be Cormalated as a linear componentarily problem with Mae a 2-matrix. More generally such probleme occur in the dissertation of elliptic partial differential equations.Chapter 1 provides a general introduction to the linear complementarity problem and reviews the relevant resulte on this problem and on 2-matrices. Our results on the linear complenentarity problem with a 2-matrix are presented in chaptera 2,3 and 4. sumery of those reaults. In section 1.7 we prosont a chapterwise.


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