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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Economic Research Unit (ERU-Kolkata)


Bose, Sanjit (ERU-Kolkata; ISI)

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This atudy "generalisost. inmit-output (10) malynde in the nensa of developing its baste theme and oentral idea in aome apeaifie ddreotions, Three brond direetions cre explored, undar the titlar of Rpaaio-dependenooof 10-mettiolenta, etrustural brenk, and *investment and growth coneietenay, In ecoh ecse the anlyada keepa to the Logie of I0 analynde in the sense of ita approaoh, concepts od methoda. Thie inaludes fn partimlar the edaptation of a cartain banla method of 10 nhelysia to analyse the struoture of reintione obtained in enah onse,The study is divided into five parto where the first providea a detolled introduotion to, and thn lnst a unified roview of, the generalisations reported in the three parte in betveen, The faret part. spells out the "basic theman nd "centrel iden" of 10 nnalyeis as seen in thia study ond initintes the ideaa behind our generalieations in broad tarms. It aleo, providos a rather comprehensi ve, though purpoaiva, overview of theoreticnl I0 anclysis in an attampt to make the st oonceptually and analytically self-oonteined. Included in this overview are ncogunte of endogenous treotments of onsumption, investment ond forei gn trade from an I0 etendpoint,The genaralisntion of Part II ie esrentinlly formal in ohra- ter. It treste I0 0offialento oc yoriablas dependent upon the levela of produetion in an I0 model, and thereby remevee ita tuin barie Dempttone os oanstemt retume to sonle" nnd "no cxtern-lities". The propertion of the resulttng nan-1inear Io modal re maaiysed in detoiln Irom the stanlpointe of beth produotion theory and price theery, in alose pnrallel to ptandara I0 anolysis in terms of the 1inear medel.Uniike Part 11, Ports III and IV bring in new rolations ud thin the folda of to annlyds, deploying a commen onneoptunl frame of referenee, The relationa ere ooncerned 'eg sentinlly with copaelty, technology amd investmont, nd the frama in de imed to enable one to viow these in miraly e-onte terme. 10-dyno ndele af protuat-balanena (af varyine genmalsty depending upon the exaot problen nt hond) are set up for a definita. AutaLre (aallod terainal pertau), ond the raquisod.capaet tine are theught to be brought inte extetenoe by puit- able investments over the time-upan separating the "termincl pariod" from the pressnt, called the base periad, In particul ar, these Inventmente con bring in new teehnologice in pre-existing sec tors of production ne well oa new onpaeities in previous "amnty noetora".The just mentioned qualitoti ve changas are annlysod in Part III undar the bending of atruntural break. In terna of the frame, the break is. from the given structure of the baec to a set of gpen poseibilitios at the termincl. The opennese coree by trenting the relevant investmont deolaiona as enrentially free, nd the problom really la whet sorte of etruotural_break to have if all li, 1.e., ono of choioe. The choice 1erues are then resolved by a set of gotondar relations incorporating speoifie ghyrlos riterie, Those ori tor in ork back oriterig. Thene oriter in work vuok from the proepeo tive roolan of production at the torminal pariod, whi ch in turn ore governad by the onntomporanecun finol demond, A munber of nodels are devaloped to focun, on epecifie nspects of the struotural brenk, Unlike Parts II and Iv, these nepectn do not conetitute any systemetie deve- lopment of a elnglo theme, and the models ure to be seen as/anmplo of eXeroines oround the notion of struetural brank rether than a compre- heneivo trentment of it,


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