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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit (TSMU-Kolkata)


Rao, T. J. (TSMU-Kolkata; ISI)

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Though the concept of survey sampling is very old and has alvays been in vogue 1t in only during the thirties and forties that a nore syatenatis developnent of the theory of sample surveyo tock place vith the introduction of ideas 1ike sapling without replacenent, probability sapling and stratification. Howovcr, a large nunber of tochniques developad and practiaud during this pariod had nostly edther empirical or intuitive basdo. It usa nuah later that attention vas paid to the purely theörotioal aspect of the dovelepmont of the survey ascipling.The Main problem of sipling tron finite populatian conalata of devising an appropriate 'strateg' for estiiating the population paranoter no aa to natinise the preoision subjent to oertaia coat constraints or alternativai nininise the cost of survey for schieving a dvon lavel of preofinion.Unt 1l recently, sarvey aempling and stutistical infereneo the theory vere viewod aa diatinet fielda. It was only/tif iea that brought a chango in this outlook. A cloar foraulation of the oentral problor of the theory of srvoy ampling in due to Godunbe (1955). Thie bringa forth sinilarity betwoen the statis- tical inforence theory and sanpliing the ory. He alao denonstrates the nonexistonme of 'aniformly nininun varianoe linoar undasod catinator for aatinating tbo population noan.Many traditional smpling tools had proven their value frm a prectical point of view, but bad renained ad hoc procodures fre a statistical inference point of viov. The nov trend in survey seopling has deviaed nothoda for evalaating tho traditional tochniques and proposed conditions for optinsiity of stratogics.whenover an auiliary information on a charsctoristio clopely related to the study variate is available, it wan first shown by Cochran (1946) that thia infomation can be used to sat up a criterion of optinality. This proniaing approseh popalarly knovn as 'suporpopulatio an avenue through which inportant nov nethodo are currently baing addod to the aurvey nplora' traditional set of toolo and it alco oontributca significantly towarda the botter ander standing of various survey snpling proble In recent tines tranendous progreas has been pade in doveloping sopling vasory and tridging e gap betvoen atatistical inforence and survey soanpling.We ahall now reaont a briof sumary of the cuntenss of varioan chaptera of this thests.After this introduotion we proenant, in Charser 1, varioua definilione and axplain basde aoncepta uhich are uoed in the sequel.


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