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Indian Statistical Institute

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Quantitative Economics


Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit (TSMU-Kolkata)


Pal, M. N.

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The main objective of this dissertation has been an empirical identification and evaluation of the regional variations in the pattern and growth of agricultural activities in India during the period 1960-61 to 1980-81, with appropriate use of some of the advanced quantitative methods and statistical tools developed recently in the field of Regional Insolent and Planning. During the period under consideration, the over all national agricultural presumptions have greatly been improved, eliminating India;s dependence on food grain imports, through certain intense-fiction measures initiated at the beginning of the period. But the pursuance of overall growth efforts has not been interwoven with sound regional strategies and as such regional imbalances have become more pronounced in recent years. Time the need for the study of this kind is felt for a detailed investigation towards diagnosis and evaluation of the Spatial patterns on the nature and growth of agricultural activities, B0 that our vision for a proper perceptive of regional plan formulation can be clarified. Our regional analysis has been attempted for the said period by about 151 axial uni ta (dist-riot groups) of India; it has been carried out mainly in the fol Lowing four important aspects of agricultural production activities :(1) The identification of broad characteristics and spatial concentration patterns for about 26 field crops of India and the formu lation of orop-combinations regions for the terminal year 1980-81;(ii) Identifioation of spetial variations in the development of agrioultural aotivities, with spatial reference to the measurement and evaluatiou of murketable surplus of food grains, agrioultural land produotivity, labour produotivity and over-all agricultural development in 1980-81 1(iii) Comparative spatial pattern analysis of agriculture development measure between time point, 1960-61, 1970-71 and 1980-81 and also the agricultural production and productivity growth analysis by component factors for the period 1960-81 and its two sub"periods; and(iv). Identification of the role of agriculture in the spatial pattern of economic development and the synthetic measurement of agricultural growth retardation oum backwardness by areal-units towards evaluating the dimension of growth task ahead.Detailed investigation on all these aspects would be useful in providing not only an insight in the regional problems, short-faille, and the growth-effort needed for agricultural activity development, but also the detailed background regional, information for an incorporation of tho much needed distributional objective more Scientifically into our planned efforts for proper agricultural developmental, based on the objective of national optimization with sect oral ballgown. Our study has been however limited to the diagnosis and evaluation of spatial patterns for broad parameters of agricultural activities; a full-fledged plan formulation for agricultural development with incorporation of necessary regional dimensions, that would require additionally much of a partial linkage, interaction and flow studies with detailed Milagros economic para- meters, is not however within the scope of the present study made by an individual research worker with his limited available resources. What has been aimed at here is to show a regional approach for under- standing the present pattern and growth-trend so that a desirable spatial pattern of agricultural activities based on sound regional principles with special attention to less progressive areas could easily be visualized for future.


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